Welcome to Our Table

The table is a place of memory where we…become aware of who we are and with whom we are. Around the table, all previous meals come together in every meal, in an endless succession of memories and associations. 

The table is the place where the family and friends gathers, the  symbol of solidarity, or indeed the backdrop to family rows and childhood tragedies. 

At the table the eater is tamed. We are who we are around the table. It is the best honest table when we are gathering with our friends and family. 

The Honest Table's vision is to bring on the table high quality products but our mission is to invite everybody around the table.



Realizing that if you're going to create a fertile environment for innovation, for evolution, you need not just brilliant people and you need not just amazing stages, you need this incredibly fertile environment for ideas to be exchanged, for them to be deepened, for the connection around these ideas to happen.