Why We Love Tablecapes and Gatherings with Our Preciouses

For every tasty meal, the secret ingredient is the delicious experience you get sitting at the table. The peaceful unity with the people who share the same food, the exuberant conversations that stay with you forever, and the beautiful atmosphere set in large by the design, layout, and colors of the table make each meal a story. Tablescape gives your guests your story. 

The camaraderie, memories, atmosphere set by a very elegantly or hearty designed table, and the savory tastes of the food altogether make for a narrative. 

At home, this narrative is often cozy, sometimes festive, and passed from generation to generation. At work, this narrative allows for bonds to form and relationships to develop. With friends, this narrative makes the backdrop of your most unforgettable memories.

The table around which we sit and share a meal is where we share our hearts and souls and create traditions. That is why, at The Honest Table, we believe in the power and importance of creating beautiful and personal tablescapes to help create our food traditions and unforgettable memories. That's what the gift of gathering is to us. 

Sitting around the table with others is a rewarding experience that we do not take for granted. As we are growing more connected yet more alone these days, thanks to technology, we believe in distancing ourselves from eating simple meals alone in front of a computer or TV screen; and instead, connecting with our food, ourselves, and our loved ones. 

Serving food is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to show gratitude to people you care for, including yourself—the thoughtful menu, the feeling of togetherness, and of course, a creative presentation. Creating oral and visual experiences at every meal is as easy as serving good food on a table with a few thoughtful, personal touches. The table setup, or tablescape, is essential for several reasons.

First, the table design sets the mood for all those it will bring together:

  • Elegant or relaxed, modern or traditional, spooky or whimsical…
  • It sets the tone for the conversation, complements the theme, and defines the purpose of the gathering.
  • Second, it shows your guests that they are essential. Simple or sophisticated, each creative touch and design element at a table would go a long way to make people feel important enough for the effort you’ve put in for them.
  • Third, it complements the food on the table.


A good table design enriches the menu, adds to the food's story, and brings out the flavors by appealing to more than just one sense. Each meal is a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

The personal touches you bring to your table with your recipes and your tablescape's creative design are how you create these powerful stories. To help make your own fond memories and stories, we’ve created fantastic tablescapes for every occasions. Go ahead, check them out, and have fun!