Christmas Tablescape, Dinner and Gathering with Glad Hearts

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! ♫ Everybody’s favorite holiday is finally right around the corner. Christmas is a truly blessed season that unites and engages the whole world. It is a season of love, charity, hospitality, and reunion. At Christmas, all roads lead to home; whatever “home” is to you. And we would like to pause for a second to talk about the importance of the “family Christmas” and inspire you for a Christmas dinner in the warm circle of family and friends. Have you ever thought about what the essential ingredients to a truly merry Christmas are?

It is the very same recipe for every excellent food that we talk about on this blog. The essential ingredients are love and time. Love and time are gifts that cannot be store-bought. These are genuine gifts of the heart. Make this Christmas unforgettable by sharing a home-cooked, festive Christmas dinner with your friends and family. Put the time and effort in creating a thoughtful menu and a festive Christmas table to share with your loved ones. Adding small personal touches to your menu and your tablescape will go a long way in showing your love and appreciation of your friends and family and making this a truly unforgettable Christmas eve. Scroll through for our suggestions for a festive family Christmas dinner:

Cook together: One of our favorite parts of the holidays is cooking for a full house! Get the whole family or group of friends together for a kitchen project, such as a gingerbread house. Just set up the ingredients and let everyone help decorate. The gingerbread house would make for a fabulous centerpiece for the Christmas feast!

Cooking together is perfect for passing family recipes, sharing stories, and making new memories. Isn’t this what Christmas is all about?

Create a festive Christmas tablescape: We love setting the table for a Christmas feast! Christmas table decorations can set your party's tone and double as conversation starters that spark special moments between your guests.

From the traditional red-green color palette to white-red tablescapes, from Winter Wonderland to a more rustic Vintage Wonderland theme, the options are unlimited. Adorn the table with candles or strip lights for a cozy atmosphere. Bring out your most delicate dishes and silverware, and don’t be afraid to use golden accents, from the placements to napkin rings. Luckily for you, we created a gorgeous Christmas tablescape ***add link*** that you can add to your cart just in time for the holiday! Add personalized place cards: If you have extra time, create personalized place cards to charm your guests! You can add customized notes and wishes for each guest behind the cards. The place cards will not only provide organized seating and a festive look but also they will be great as holiday time keepsakes! 

Happy Holiday!