Thanksgiving Table Setting & Vegetarian Dinner Menu

The Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without savory food, family, friends, and you guessed it: A  beautifully designed Thanksgiving dinner table! After all, Thanksgiving represents the fall harvest festival  and the gratitude for “having enough.” Just like the delicious spread on the table and the big group of guests sharing the holiday, the decorations and accents on the table must be in plenty! In the spirit of this  holiday, we believe it is the more the merrier!

Thanksgiving Vegetarian Dinner Menu

Cheese Plate, Brussels Sprouts with Garlic
Main Dish 
Cheese Triangles, Potato Gratin
Side Dish 
Zucchini Bites
Apple Pie

Small touches can really add to the mood of the meal, warm up the atmosphere, inspire your guests and  start conversation! Don’t be shy in adding more elements to your Thanksgiving table design – Add orange  and earth colored candles to bring warmth to your table and perhaps add a bowl of cranberries to stimulate the appetite of your guests! If you have some extra time, make cute carrot curls to accompany  your presentation, and make your food prettier and more nutritious! Create placecards to make your  guests feel even more special. Take advantage of the fall foliage in creating your centerpiece, and  consider experimenting with the fall color palette.  

You can check out the products we used in our Thanksgiving tablescape on this page and get this look  from our website! Each of these products are sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Tablescapes  Elements

  • Round Solid Color Dinner Plates (White)
  • Ceramic Marble Storage Tray (Green Gold)
  • Ovenware and porcelain tableware in earthy, warm colors 
  • A rustic cotton runner 
  • Natural cotton napkins in earth-tones 
  • Traditional yet modern silverware 
  • Bamboo cheese and serving trays 
  • Handmade dried flower and foliage arrangements in complimentary colors 
  • Orange, pumpkin-shaped accents  
  • And a beautiful centerpiece that adds to the atmosphere

Keep the mood of your Thanksgiving tablescape design festive, eclectic, and whimsical. Make use of natural elements such as fall foliage, dried  flower arrangements, rustic cotton and wood accents, and dishware in natural earth-tones. 

Copper and silver accents will add to the hearty atmosphere of your dinner table, along with candles. Check out the products on our website to bring the festive Thanksgiving  

Spirit to your table!