Friends Gathering Table Setting and Dinner Menu

How does it sound Friends with dinner? Now is the time to relieve the stress of the day and relax. 

The unlimited fun, laugh, and chat. A great gathering is Friends Gathering Menu with you and some ideas for tale setting. You will not understand how time passes with delicious meals. You can prepare a great table with suitable tableware for your dinner and celebrate the reunion. 

Close friends, nowadays we cannot interact very often. Let's start preparing this beautiful tablescape for our friends who are close like family.

Friends Gathering Menu

Tortilla Roll Ups, Charcuterie Plate

Main Dish 
Chicken Sticks with Baked Potato Wedges

Side Dish
Mushroom Pasta with Spinach

Ketchup, Mustard

Red Wine


Stainless Steel Food Spoon

  • Stainless Steel Fork
  • Stainless Steel Knife
  • Ceramic Plate
  • Wicker American service
  • Wood Cheese Board
  • Plastic palm leaves
  • White linen napkin
  • Ceramic ovenware


Now is the time to get rid of all the burdens. Gather your friends for lots of laughter and fun conversation. You will not understand how time passed.